The editor’s tale

It’s not always that I get to open my laptop and scrutinize the work of others. Today, after procrastinating and coming to terms with the weight on my shoulders, I finally sat down with a cup of black coffee and read the first line of some obscure article. It made me cringe- not in disgust but in apprehension. Someone out there, at some point in … Continue reading The editor’s tale

Old parchments and cold tea

Imagine a room stripped of dignity; Now add an old tattered sofa in a corner and a dead fish tank in the opposite. It doesn’t have to be fancy- just decaying.   Color the walls dirty yellow and add splash of black smug here and there. Hang old photos: laughing faces and embracing arms. Comfortable isn’t it?   Put a rug that has been slept … Continue reading Old parchments and cold tea

Amateur is the word!!!

My verses are unrefined and crass; I’ve been told- Free verse is not literature!! My prose is said to be unnecessarily long; My tenses- all goofed up; My thought process- really confusing (even to me). All in all- an amateur writer who should just stop. But once in a while someone comes along With words of kindness and appreciation And fuels my humongous ego. To … Continue reading Amateur is the word!!!