The Ghost- a girl’s best friend

It’s been a couple of months since she visited. It was very often initially- everyday almost, then it reduced to about twice a week and then she vanished for a month without leaving a trace of where she had gone. I missed her. I cannot lie. I missed her cold touch and her visions, as weird as it may sound. Somewhere deep inside the mesh … Continue reading The Ghost- a girl’s best friend

What Pink did to me and what it didn’t!

I was reluctant to watch the movie- Pink since the very first moment. The reason was simple- whenever I watch films discussing gender issues and women’s issues in particular, my blood races and my heartbeat quickens. It makes me think and that is the worst thing I can do to myself because I over analyze to such an extent that I lose my night’s sleep. … Continue reading What Pink did to me and what it didn’t!

The Human Dilemma

To love is easy To live with- difficult   To the man who loved me:   It is easy to love me And equally hard to live with me. No, it’s not prejudice of any kind; I just need my space and time. I fall from a height And love from a distance. The routine of human existence Interests me not; I would much rather … Continue reading The Human Dilemma

Traversing the city of joy

Kolkata is a city of contradictions. A city where the local bus conductors scream ‘aste ladij’ (slow there is a lady) when a lady tries to get off the bus; it is also a city where men fall on women in those very buses pretending it was an accident. “I remember this one man who was standing behind me on the bus. He was very … Continue reading Traversing the city of joy

The Satin

I remember it hurt. Looking at her hurt. She looked at me through the clouded glasses as she tried to stop the tears from falling on the expensive satin of the dress. She was a vision in midnight blue. Her strawberry blonde curls were neatly pinned up in a bun. But one stubborn lock fell on her left cheek. Her nose resembled a ripe tomato … Continue reading The Satin