A forgotten room filled with unwanted things

*I haven’t read the whole book yet. These are just some thoughts I cannot seem to shrug after reading the first 100 pages of Orhan Pamuk’s “The Museum of Innocence.” “My whole life depends on you now.” This is a line in a book that achieves more than its function, for me. Upon reading this line to myself, I imagined a dusty room filled with … Continue reading A forgotten room filled with unwanted things

The Ghost contd…

Introduction:   A guy I once had a thing with had accused me of being heartless; had said: “You feed off pain, yours, mine and everyone else’s. That is the food for your poetry and prose; the nectar to your hive.” I don’t disagree with him. I am no preacher and neither do I pretend to be something holier than thou. I am just a … Continue reading The Ghost contd…

All that is not glamorous

“Did you take your meds?” the good doctor asked. I sniffed over the phone and wiped away two drops of tears from my left eye before answering, “twice the double dose.” “Okay.” She obviously didn’t approve of my choice of dealing with ‘stuff’. “Can I take another of those?” I asked her. I didn’t care about what it did to my physical health….i was just … Continue reading All that is not glamorous

Of perspectives

The best part of that house was its terrace. I was visiting my ancestral home in Bangladesh for the first time since my grandfather immigrated to India in 1953. The house, a mansion actually, was located amidst a mango orchard and adjoined a lake used for washing people and fishing. It was winter time. The exact date was December 29, 2014. It was the year … Continue reading Of perspectives

Amateur is the word!!!

My verses are unrefined and crass; I’ve been told- Free verse is not literature!! My prose is said to be unnecessarily long; My tenses- all goofed up; My thought process- really confusing (even to me). All in all- an amateur writer who should just stop. But once in a while someone comes along With words of kindness and appreciation And fuels my humongous ego. To … Continue reading Amateur is the word!!!