To the little girl who was afraid of the sea

When you were six, you hardly ever spoke. When in the company of strangers, you would hide behind my back and hold on to my shirt. When you were eleven we went to the sea and you were scared of how the waves splashed against the shore. You were terrified of the sound and smell of the water. You held on to my hand and refused to go anywhere near the it.

When you were five, we went on our first flight together. You were so shy that whenever any passer by tried to talk to you, you would squeeze my hand in a death grip. The nights they fought, we would lie close together on the bed holding each other while we shed tears.

Now you have grown up and I know are a strong independent woman. You were always the brains of the family and you always tried to do good by everyone. You are my little over achiever who aims to please. But amidst the world of thick books and medals, I hope you don’t leave your childhood behind.

Don’t make the same mistake I made at your age. Do not aim to please. Enjoy the sunshine after sleepless nights of hanging out with friends; enjoy the hangovers and the love pangs; enjoy the school dramas and the world of movies. Get your fill of sleep because after eighteen, you can bid goodbye to that. Get your fill of your family because people grow old and apart with age. Explore territories that you haven’t before. Fail once, fail twice and fail again because failure is a better teacher than success.

Dream a dream and then change that dream the next day because now is when the possibilities are most. Fall in love and realise the difference between love and infatuation. Get a job at McDonalds and understand that there is a lot of value in the smile of the boy who is given a happy meal by his father.

Join a cause and fight for it because if not now, when? When they ask you, “what do you want to be?” tell them that you want to be happy. When they ask which university, tell them the name of all possible ones because there is no end to learning.

Learn that experience is more valued than mugging up facts and that you can always change what you want. There is always a new dawn after a bad day.

Dear kid, don’t be sorry for not knowing what you want to do and for wanting something no one wants to give. It is okay. You will fail. You must fail. But you will come out of it shining, just like the time you boarded the plane on your own and made friends with the other passengers.

If a shy little kid could become a confident woman, there is nothing in this world you can’t do. I wish you knew how proud I was of you and I wish I could be the one you had your first smoke with and told all your secrets to.

But alas! It is what it is. All I know for a fact is that I will always watch over you even if it is from behind a screen.


The Human Dilemma

To love is easy

To live with- difficult


To the man who loved me:


It is easy to love me

And equally hard to live with me.

No, it’s not prejudice of any kind;

I just need my space and time.

I fall from a height

And love from a distance.

The routine of human existence

Interests me not;

I would much rather have

One night in a year

to cherish the memory

for the rest 364 days.

I would want to hear of your achievements then

And tell you mine.

No, let’s not hold the past too tight,

I’d much rather sail in a boat to the future.

Let us be the wave that meets the sand

once every few years;

Let us be the bird that romances the hill

every winter and then flies west for summer;

Let you and me be us

but only in our minds.


To the girl who loves me:

You know you are difficult

As am I.

We both are cut from the same cloth;

We both wear the same unaltered pride

On our skin.

We both are the cats who come together

Just for a meal.

We both understand each other

Like twins read their mind.

Do I love you more?

Do I love you less?

Do I love you at all?

You are an everyday dilemma;

You are something I am not sure about,

Yet I am dead sure about.

You are the wave, much like me;

You are the bird, again like me;

You are in my every day;

The only problem is the future.


The boat is still just wood.