The Museum of Innocence- a review

  Tragedies are the best love stories- someone had once told me. I hadn’t understood it then. But the matter became clear to me after reading Orhan Pamuk’s ‘The Museum of Innocence.’ This is a novel on love, on loss, on long lost love waiting to be replenished, on war, on politics, on forgotten things that evoke memories of the past, on Istanbul. On the … Continue reading The Museum of Innocence- a review


I like treasure hunts. I like history. I like the thought of ‘El Dorado’ existing somewhere in my backyard. I like the search for things long gone. I strive to achieve the impossible. Yes, I like living in the past. Call me an escapist but I like fiction over nonfiction. It is more peaceful than the latter and allows room for imagination and possibilities. And … Continue reading Musings


Today I sit looking into the horizon; the colours are similar- similar to the day we sat hand in hand staring at the skyline. Our eyeballs had changed colors; our mouths had been shut; but our hearts rang with music. You told me that day- this is not the end. A goodbye said today is a hello said tomorrow. You will live in me as a vague memory; … Continue reading Time