Could you?

Could you live with the night in your sunny universe?

Could you accommodate a tear in your vast smile?

Could you stay awake when all you needed was sleep?

Could you fool yourself in thinking everything was fine?

Could you carry the burden of the past knowing it wasn’t one of yours?

Could you be fine for you and i both?

Could you desire when i had lost hope?

Could you hope when i despaired?

Could you be ruined for the sake of my reputation?

Could you replace your warmth with my chill?

Could you truly make me yours when i’m not even mine anymore?

Could you feel when I went numb?

Could you live with knowing that it was a path of thorns you were walking on?

Could you spin poetry from the unwritten prose i served you?

Could you?

Could you?


If only.

If only there was a world

Where fear did not curb expression;

Where laughter was not forced

And tears where not those of crocodiles.

If only there was a world

Where people did not hide behind pokers faces;

Where love was free

And meant for all.

If only there was a world

Where ‘fine’ was not synonymous with pretense;

Where truth was not masked in layers of lies

And where shoulders were held upright

With the pride of being whom they were.

If only there was a world

Where men and women stood unmasked;

Proud of their make;

Both equal in rank and status.

If only…