The Ghost- a girl’s best friend

It’s been a couple of months since she visited. It was very often initially- everyday almost, then it reduced to about twice a week and then she vanished for a month without leaving a trace of where she had gone. I missed her. I cannot lie. I missed her cold touch and her visions, as weird as it may sound. Somewhere deep inside the mesh … Continue reading The Ghost- a girl’s best friend

Bangalore Diaries (Chapter 1- First Glimpse)

They say the soul of a city resides in its street. It has not been very long since i shifted to bangalore- just about a month or so. Being a typical north indian, my only encounter with the south is the few years i spend in hyderabad as a kid of four. My mind associates south india with women wearing gajras, spicy food, curd rice … Continue reading Bangalore Diaries (Chapter 1- First Glimpse)


Today I sit looking into the horizon; the colours are similar- similar to the day we sat hand in hand staring at the skyline. Our eyeballs had changed colors; our mouths had been shut; but our hearts rang with music. You told me that day- this is not the end. A goodbye said today is a hello said tomorrow. You will live in me as a vague memory; … Continue reading Time