Perfect Human

The world dominated by the perfect human scares me. Imagine looking at all the fashion magazines and seeing the Dolce Gabbana clad models- perfect in their waist size, hair length, height, hair style, eye makeup and clothes; and then looking at yourself. You, clad in the old pajamas with pimples over your face; possibly above the golden weight, already feel way beneath the freckle less … Continue reading Perfect Human

Drugs and blanks

Blank, blank, blank… I am blank. My mind is blank. Just as blank as it can get. Nexito plus was the medicine.  The good doctor told me last night that I was not all that mad. Though I did have a few screws loose but the equipment was still holding on, somehow. Mood stabilizers- they are called. Small pink medicines which taste sweet and stick … Continue reading Drugs and blanks

The last fight

Feminism had been talked about in almost all domains of her life. If one claimed to be from this century, one had to be aware of the term and all that went with it. Since play school, kids were taught the theory and by the time they reached middle school, they were expected to know how to treat the other sex fairly. However, the country … Continue reading The last fight

The girl who worked in a bar

“I dropped out of a college, changed my stream, started over and worked in a bar.” -Words I need to say in order to repel people or to get them to judge me. The aunty in the bus with her kid on her side becomes the cat on high alert. Her ears perk up and her hands cover her daughter’s ears. But she can’t contain … Continue reading The girl who worked in a bar

Promises to the world

I solemnly swear to make this minuscule space on the internet, that I claim as mine, a place of refuge for my thoughts and a way of letting all my pent up emotions out. This space will contain magic of all sorts and will not be subjected to morality, ethics or any other masochistic nonsense. It is dedicated to free thought and action. I am … Continue reading Promises to the world

Batman vs. Superman

Today I am angry.   Angry at history, angry at geography, angry at science, angry at God, angry at language and most of all angry at myself. The west created our modern day terrorist clad in a burqa or in facial hair. Anyone who wears the hijab or has Ali/Muhammad and the likes of it to his name; anyone who carries the kirpan; anyone who … Continue reading Batman vs. Superman

The Human Dilemma

To love is easy To live with- difficult   To the man who loved me:   It is easy to love me And equally hard to live with me. No, it’s not prejudice of any kind; I just need my space and time. I fall from a height And love from a distance. The routine of human existence Interests me not; I would much rather … Continue reading The Human Dilemma