To the little girl who was afraid of the sea

When you were six, you hardly ever spoke. When in the company of strangers, you would hide behind my back and hold on to my shirt. When you were eleven we went to the sea and you were scared of how the waves splashed against the shore. You were terrified of the sound and smell of the water. You held on to my hand and … Continue reading To the little girl who was afraid of the sea

Drugs and blanks

Blank, blank, blank… I am blank. My mind is blank. Just as blank as it can get. Nexito plus was the medicine.  The good doctor told me last night that I was not all that mad. Though I did have a few screws loose but the equipment was still holding on, somehow. Mood stabilizers- they are called. Small pink medicines which taste sweet and stick … Continue reading Drugs and blanks

The girl who worked in a bar

“I dropped out of a college, changed my stream, started over and worked in a bar.” -Words I need to say in order to repel people or to get them to judge me. The aunty in the bus with her kid on her side becomes the cat on high alert. Her ears perk up and her hands cover her daughter’s ears. But she can’t contain … Continue reading The girl who worked in a bar

Between the worlds

Between mind throbs and heart aches, there is a world where sanity prevails. Between the small cats and large dogs, there is a world dominated by affection. Between the muddy muck and the grey sky, there is a world where the lotus blooms. Between sky jumps and scuba dives, there is a world of hikes and cycles. Between your ego and my indifference, there is a … Continue reading Between the worlds