The Reluctant Fundamentalist

In the Mira Nair film, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”, the idea of the two nations- The United States of America and Pakistan- are constantly conflicting with each other. On the one hand America comes across as a saviour to the people of the terror stricken country Pakistan, and on the other, it is a foreign invader that undermines the sovereignty of Pakistan by intruding in the … Continue reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist

A Train to Pakistan

When I sat to watch ‘A Train to Pakistan’, I was reminded of a similar movie I had seen a year back. The movie was a Bengali film titled ‘Raj Kahini’. It was set in the time of the India-Bangladesh partition. The story is of a brothel in the India-Bangladesh border and how the inhabitants of the brothel refused to recognize the new world order … Continue reading A Train to Pakistan

The Shape of Water- review

  Once upon a time in a not so faraway land, lived a mute cleaner-lady named Elisa Esposito. She dared to fall in love with a gilled-God who, much like her, couldn’t talk. The faraway land was Baltimore, USA and the time period was the Cold War. Guillermo de Toro’s The Shape of Water is part Grimm’s fairy tale and part political commentary. Our mute … Continue reading The Shape of Water- review

Shakespeare- the common man’s hero

The persona of the man we know as William Shakespeare is tough to comprehend. The figure that is Shakespeare is tainted by history, fiction, fame, and politics. Some consider him the father of English literature, some the world’s foremost playwright. But whichever may be an individual’s pick, it is very difficult to understand William, the man. The film ‘Shakespeare in love’ has attempted to step … Continue reading Shakespeare- the common man’s hero

Bangalore or Bengaluru?

Bangalore Days was a wonderful movie. Especially so because just like the protagonists, I was also very excited with the prospect of moving to the city. As a starry eyed teenager, whenever I was told that there exists a city in the South which is bigger that Delhi, more cosmopolitan than Hyderabad and cleaner than Kolkata, I wanted to become a part of the hustle … Continue reading Bangalore or Bengaluru?

What Pink did to me and what it didn’t!

I was reluctant to watch the movie- Pink since the very first moment. The reason was simple- whenever I watch films discussing gender issues and women’s issues in particular, my blood races and my heartbeat quickens. It makes me think and that is the worst thing I can do to myself because I over analyze to such an extent that I lose my night’s sleep. … Continue reading What Pink did to me and what it didn’t!