Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies

  I have often wondered who I am. Am I a type or am I an exception? I like to think of myself as the modern global citizen. But what does that even mean? Does the global citizen have a cuisine to call her own? Do we have a dinner table ritual like every other culture? Do we let our children drink with us? Do … Continue reading Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies

Shakespeare- the common man’s hero

The persona of the man we know as William Shakespeare is tough to comprehend. The figure that is Shakespeare is tainted by history, fiction, fame, and politics. Some consider him the father of English literature, some the world’s foremost playwright. But whichever may be an individual’s pick, it is very difficult to understand William, the man. The film ‘Shakespeare in love’ has attempted to step … Continue reading Shakespeare- the common man’s hero

The editor’s tale

It’s not always that I get to open my laptop and scrutinize the work of others. Today, after procrastinating and coming to terms with the weight on my shoulders, I finally sat down with a cup of black coffee and read the first line of some obscure article. It made me cringe- not in disgust but in apprehension. Someone out there, at some point in … Continue reading The editor’s tale

Promises to the world

I solemnly swear to make this minuscule space on the internet, that I claim as mine, a place of refuge for my thoughts and a way of letting all my pent up emotions out. This space will contain magic of all sorts and will not be subjected to morality, ethics or any other masochistic nonsense. It is dedicated to free thought and action. I am … Continue reading Promises to the world

Old parchments and cold tea

Imagine a room stripped of dignity; Now add an old tattered sofa in a corner and a dead fish tank in the opposite. It doesn’t have to be fancy- just decaying.   Color the walls dirty yellow and add splash of black smug here and there. Hang old photos: laughing faces and embracing arms. Comfortable isn’t it?   Put a rug that has been slept … Continue reading Old parchments and cold tea

Interior monologues on a full moon night

  White is an oppressive color. 3 am and the familiar mental buzzing is all it takes to dissolve the writer’s block. Caring is good, or so they say. How about just disappearing? Don’t pack; just run. Escapism- that is the way to survive. And we call the symbolists depressing. Do you my friend see what I see? The haze and the mist in all … Continue reading Interior monologues on a full moon night