“South Asia as an idea, identity and a region is inevitable”

Geographically, India, Pakistan, Nepal, china, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Japan belong together. They, excluding Japan and parts of China, belonged to the same mass of land called Gondwana that drifted from the south and joined the landmass now known as Asia. So, if one looks at these countries from a geographical perspective, the idea of south Asia as a region is inevitable. Tracing history, … Continue reading “South Asia as an idea, identity and a region is inevitable”

Memory Lane

They called it the memory lane. Those who went down the street found themselves lost in delirium and were left wanting more. I was a lonely traveler in search of perks. The blue satchel I carried had only a few hundred rupee notes and a bottle of water which had been there for the last few months. As a result my only fluid companion was … Continue reading Memory Lane

The Satin

I remember it hurt. Looking at her hurt. She looked at me through the clouded glasses as she tried to stop the tears from falling on the expensive satin of the dress. She was a vision in midnight blue. Her strawberry blonde curls were neatly pinned up in a bun. But one stubborn lock fell on her left cheek. Her nose resembled a ripe tomato … Continue reading The Satin


I like treasure hunts. I like history. I like the thought of ‘El Dorado’ existing somewhere in my backyard. I like the search for things long gone. I strive to achieve the impossible. Yes, I like living in the past. Call me an escapist but I like fiction over nonfiction. It is more peaceful than the latter and allows room for imagination and possibilities. And … Continue reading Musings

The Evolution of English as a Language

English—the first global ‘lingua franca’, the most widely spoken language and the third largest native language after Mandarin and Spanish—surprisingly has neither a script to call its own nor the purity boasted of by other languages such as French and Malayalam. In order to understand the origin of this language, we need to turn back a few pages of our history books and revisit the … Continue reading The Evolution of English as a Language