The clock and the black hole

I have a black hole and its name is X!   The night of 28 April, 2017 was spent walking from the living room where the body lay to the master bedroom where I was asked to get some rest. Much like today, every time I saw the watch the hands seemed to be getting slower and more sluggish with each passing moment. Time had … Continue reading The clock and the black hole

Drugs and blanks

Blank, blank, blank… I am blank. My mind is blank. Just as blank as it can get. Nexito plus was the medicine.  The good doctor told me last night that I was not all that mad. Though I did have a few screws loose but the equipment was still holding on, somehow. Mood stabilizers- they are called. Small pink medicines which taste sweet and stick … Continue reading Drugs and blanks

Old parchments and cold tea

Imagine a room stripped of dignity; Now add an old tattered sofa in a corner and a dead fish tank in the opposite. It doesn’t have to be fancy- just decaying.   Color the walls dirty yellow and add splash of black smug here and there. Hang old photos: laughing faces and embracing arms. Comfortable isn’t it?   Put a rug that has been slept … Continue reading Old parchments and cold tea

Interior monologues on a full moon night

  White is an oppressive color. 3 am and the familiar mental buzzing is all it takes to dissolve the writer’s block. Caring is good, or so they say. How about just disappearing? Don’t pack; just run. Escapism- that is the way to survive. And we call the symbolists depressing. Do you my friend see what I see? The haze and the mist in all … Continue reading Interior monologues on a full moon night


Midnight- Camera flashes. Music blares from the speakers. Conversation turns into babble. The vodka and tonic hits. The speed thrills. The lights blur. Empty. That’s how she feels.   Dawn- birds chirp. Head hurts. Stomach growls. Sleep comes. The mind tickles. Hands tremor. Darkness. She draws the curtain.   Afternoon- Heat prickles. Head pounds. Memory of last night is a big question mark. Facebook tells … Continue reading Dawn