A Train to Pakistan

When I sat to watch ‘A Train to Pakistan’, I was reminded of a similar movie I had seen a year back. The movie was a Bengali film titled ‘Raj Kahini’. It was set in the time of the India-Bangladesh partition. The story is of a brothel in the India-Bangladesh border and how the inhabitants of the brothel refused to recognize the new world order … Continue reading A Train to Pakistan

“South Asia as an idea, identity and a region is inevitable”

Geographically, India, Pakistan, Nepal, china, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Japan belong together. They, excluding Japan and parts of China, belonged to the same mass of land called Gondwana that drifted from the south and joined the landmass now known as Asia. So, if one looks at these countries from a geographical perspective, the idea of south Asia as a region is inevitable. Tracing history, … Continue reading “South Asia as an idea, identity and a region is inevitable”

The Shape of Water- review

  Once upon a time in a not so faraway land, lived a mute cleaner-lady named Elisa Esposito. She dared to fall in love with a gilled-God who, much like her, couldn’t talk. The faraway land was Baltimore, USA and the time period was the Cold War. Guillermo de Toro’s The Shape of Water is part Grimm’s fairy tale and part political commentary. Our mute … Continue reading The Shape of Water- review