Do not read if you are a confirmed monogamist!! You’ll change…maybe!

Somebody should teach us how difficult relationships are. The very engagement ring is a significant example of how the institution works. It is a circle that chokes; one that suffocates like the dog collar.

They all talk about the joys of courtship, the heart break, the drama that follows and the proposal finally but no one tells you about the months following that. The jealous rages, the instinct to own the other’s life and the need to imprison oneself and the other in a high tower with no windows, let alone doors. These emotions exist and they form the basis of the human race.

If not for the institution of marriage and conjugal love, how would we procreate and dominate the earth with our twisted logics? Having written this, I wonder why we still gravitate towards this frankly banal set of emotions.

Could it be because there are those times that the very ring that had earlier suffocated wraps you around like a warm blanket offering familiarity and protection. Could it also be that the constant need to dominate and be dominated on comes from a very dark, yet necessary side of animals. Let us not forget that we too, with our fashion parades and bourgeois attitudes, are animals at the end of each day. Some of us are Alphas and some the omegas and betas. Depending upon your characteristic, you define how your relationship will be.

It could also be that we have become too lazy and that we have forgotten about our ancestors- the cavemen who practiced polygamy. We have become too clad and comfortable in traditions that the zeal to know more and to venture into the unknown has left us.

Maybe, could be, possibly. But who knows? I certainly don’t!


Author: radhikamukherji

I am a simple girl with my finger in a lot of pies. A student of literature, I am also a guitarist and vocalist. I love travelling and my dream is to backpack across the world. Connecting with people from all walks of life is my primary hobby; others include painting (expressionism), adventure sports, dancing, writing and procrastinating. I wish to share the way I see the world with you folks. Hope you get something out of it. Cheers :)

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