Of luxury, old ladies and winged creatures

I am sitting in the lap of luxury as I write this. My room is a suite- bigger than an average upper middle class person’s flat. I am wearing white slippers and have central air conditioning. A bath tub with pebbles around it; half resembling an oasis in sub Saharan Africa. Separate enclosures for taking a shower and for the water closet. The bathroom unit … Continue reading Of luxury, old ladies and winged creatures

The vitruvian man

Oh vitruvian saint, and the master of my heart, how your sight makes me faint, how through me your arrows dart.   I have often wondered which God made you, the secret that is your erudite bones, how at dawn you fall like the dew, and rise at dusk like the resonant tone.   To see you chant Chaucer in your sleep, and recite the periodic table to your kids, … Continue reading The vitruvian man