Interior monologues on a full moon night

  White is an oppressive color. 3 am and the familiar mental buzzing is all it takes to dissolve the writer’s block. Caring is good, or so they say. How about just disappearing? Don’t pack; just run. Escapism- that is the way to survive. And we call the symbolists depressing. Do you my friend see what I see? The haze and the mist in all … Continue reading Interior monologues on a full moon night


Midnight- Camera flashes. Music blares from the speakers. Conversation turns into babble. The vodka and tonic hits. The speed thrills. The lights blur. Empty. That’s how she feels.   Dawn- birds chirp. Head hurts. Stomach growls. Sleep comes. The mind tickles. Hands tremor. Darkness. She draws the curtain.   Afternoon- Heat prickles. Head pounds. Memory of last night is a big question mark. Facebook tells … Continue reading Dawn