The Human Dilemma

To love is easy

To live with- difficult


To the man who loved me:


It is easy to love me

And equally hard to live with me.

No, it’s not prejudice of any kind;

I just need my space and time.

I fall from a height

And love from a distance.

The routine of human existence

Interests me not;

I would much rather have

One night in a year

to cherish the memory

for the rest 364 days.

I would want to hear of your achievements then

And tell you mine.

No, let’s not hold the past too tight,

I’d much rather sail in a boat to the future.

Let us be the wave that meets the sand

once every few years;

Let us be the bird that romances the hill

every winter and then flies west for summer;

Let you and me be us

but only in our minds.


To the girl who loves me:

You know you are difficult

As am I.

We both are cut from the same cloth;

We both wear the same unaltered pride

On our skin.

We both are the cats who come together

Just for a meal.

We both understand each other

Like twins read their mind.

Do I love you more?

Do I love you less?

Do I love you at all?

You are an everyday dilemma;

You are something I am not sure about,

Yet I am dead sure about.

You are the wave, much like me;

You are the bird, again like me;

You are in my every day;

The only problem is the future.


The boat is still just wood.


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