Traversing the city of joy

Kolkata is a city of contradictions. A city where the local bus conductors scream ‘aste ladij’ (slow there is a lady) when a lady tries to get off the bus; it is also a city where men fall on women in those very buses pretending it was an accident. “I remember this one man who was standing behind me on the bus. He was very … Continue reading Traversing the city of joy

Memory Lane

They called it the memory lane. Those who went down the street found themselves lost in delirium and were left wanting more. I was a lonely traveler in search of perks. The blue satchel I carried had only a few hundred rupee notes and a bottle of water which had been there for the last few months. As a result my only fluid companion was … Continue reading Memory Lane


It was a memory, so close yet so far. A ghost of my past; a whisper in the dark.   ‘Hi friend’, it said to me, ‘felt my absence, haven’t you?’ It scoffed at me, i could see its smug.   It reminded me of all that was till play acting became my favourite sport. And i took to pretence till i knew myself no more. … Continue reading Exile


Airports are places which have always fascinated me. They are the doorways to different worlds. Airports- a place where one can spend a whole day without getting bored. It is a place where dreams come true and all emotion are present simultaneously in a muddled thought of different people. What are the chances that the guy next to you is not thinking the same thing … Continue reading Onism