Charles had a bluebird and so do I;
She lurks somewhere in my vast unknown.
I envy her her curls and smiles;
She speaks of the miles in a great undertone.
She came to me on a May day;
Shy, but firm in her resolve.
She said- hey creator, I am here
Leave me not unheard of.
My blue bird, she sang me a tale;
Of a lost child and her grieving mother
and of the street of Paris and the men yonder;
All knitting their lives with lies and gale.
She says to me– let me out,
let the world see my many colors;
I say– stay shut you schmutz,
You needn’t trouble my dark blue world.
I have a bluebird and she cries at night;
Let me out– she pleads.
I smirk and twerk and swallow her whole;
Leaving her all by herself in the dark unknown
to cry herself to sleep.
Maybe one day she will out
to destroy my world;
But till then let her weep.

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