Radhika Mukherji was born after giving her mother considerable trouble in the birthing room. She refused to come out into the world and as a result had to be forced out by the surgeons. She spent her life going around the world, not staying in a particular place more than 3 years. I met her during my tenure as a clerk in the same workplace as hers in the magnificent city of Paris.

During the brief time that I spent with her, she spoke to me about her wish to travel the world and to save endangered animals. She had an appealing demeanor and a friendly smile which attracted lonely souls. She was fascinated with art and hence, every piece of paper found on her desk had doodles over them. Once the boss found a letter to the Minister of Education doodled on by her and was furious, for obvious reasons. He even threatened to sack her if she did not ‘stop with the doodling already.’

I haven’t met a moodier person during my short stay on this planet. Her mood swings resembled a fashionista changing clothes. She was very indecisive about life and with every dawn came a new perception of herself. One day was a doctor and the next an art collector.

It would be wrong to call her a ‘lost soul’ but I am tempted to do so just because she was always searching for meaning. What meaning- she only knows. One of her major dilemmas in life was the existence of God. She liked to see life in black and white but would later come to terms with the fact that life is grey. Hence, in her youth she needed a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to the question of the divine.

She must have digested all the Holy Scriptures trying to find the answer but remained undecided on that note till a few days ago. A few days before her death, she called to tell me that she had finally found the answer. She said, “God plays hide and seek with me. She is there but I will never be able to figure her out and that is what makes her God.” I was content with the logic, if she was.

August 25, 2030 Radhika Mukherji was eaten by a lion she was trying to rescue from poachers in Africa. The lion had been a man eater and like most other things in her life, Ms. Mukherji had taken the threat posed by the lion lightly and hence, had paid the price with her life. Only her teeth could be salvaged. They were buried in a silver urn in a graveyard in Sussex on 30 August, 2030. She is succeeded by her 10 year old cat- Naomi who has now, sadly, become an orphan. May her soul rest in peace and may she find the ‘meaning’ she was looking for her whole life.


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