Along the rails

6:30 pm on a Friday evening, a bunch of us crazy loons decided to pack our bags and head to the wild. A tempo traveler was booked and we left the city at 11:30 pm in a hurry. The destination was Dudhsagar—one of the best waterfalls of south India, located in Goa.

It was an 8 hour drive to Castle rock, a small township from where our trek would start. The night passed away in dancing to the tunes of Baby Doll, Titanium and all their cousins. We stopped at small dhabas throughout the night to answer nature’s call and to stretch our cramped bodies. At 6 am, Saturday morning, we stopped at a charming little Café Coffee Day in the middle of nowhere. There we got acquainted with 3 large dogs—a Labrador, a Great Dane and a mongrel. After coffee, we moved on and reached Castle rock around 11 am.

After changing into our trek shoes and adorning our sunglasses, we started the trek towards this majestic fall along the rail lines. Along the way, we were greeted by goat herds, butterflies, the smell of feces, picturesque foot bridges and fellow trekkers. There were occasional rail line workers whom we interacted with to know how much longer we needed to exhaust ourselves. We encountered a small fall where we had our showers and cleaned ourselves, despite the freezing water. Then there were tunnels—up to half a kilometer long; stretches of pitch black darkness. You only had your instinct to trust while traversing those and the wait to see the light on the other end was a long one.

Never the less, we managed to reach Caranzol- a small little railway stop along the route. We boarded a passenger train which was like a fish market on rails. After pushing and squirming our way in, we had to bribe the TT to not throw us out of the moving train. About 15 minutes later, we reached our destination—Dudhsagar falls.

Shock of our lives—Dudhsagar was Dirtsagar. It was kumbh-ka-mela in Goa. The noise, the cacophonous crowd, the no-place-to-stand situation was a huge turn down. What was better was the solitude of the tracks, the small little waterfall that we spent almost half hour in, the tunnels and their dark uncertainty and the peace of the forest. We spend just 5 minutes there and turned back. Following the same route back home, I learnt a very valuable lesson from this trek- often the destination is crap, it is the walk along the road that is memorable.


Author: radhikamukherji

I am a simple girl with my finger in a lot of pies. A student of literature, I am also a guitarist and vocalist. I love travelling and my dream is to backpack across the world. Connecting with people from all walks of life is my primary hobby; others include painting (expressionism), adventure sports, dancing, writing and procrastinating. I wish to share the way I see the world with you folks. Hope you get something out of it. Cheers :)

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