They called her Desiree– conceived of love; perceived of love; a victim of love she was. After all her biggest fault was being Desiree.


Author: radhikamukherji

I am a simple girl with my finger in a lot of pies. A student of literature, I am also a guitarist and vocalist. I love travelling and my dream is to backpack across the world. Connecting with people from all walks of life is my primary hobby; others include painting (expressionism), adventure sports, dancing, writing and procrastinating. I wish to share the way I see the world with you folks. Hope you get something out of it. Cheers :)

One thought on “Desiree”

  1. She (desire) is always mistaken to be love itself. The urge for intimacy and desire has fascinated me for months now. Love is to have and desire is to want. And we do not want something we already have.

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