Today I sit looking into the horizon;

the colours are similar-

similar to the day we sat hand in hand

staring at the skyline.

Our eyeballs had changed colors;

our mouths had been shut;

but our hearts rang with music.

You told me that day-

this is not the end.

A goodbye said today

is a hello said tomorrow.

You will live in me

as a vague memory;

An unforgotten feeling;

A half remembered poem.

We dreamt of the day we would meet.

Once again as sailors in this sea;

In an unknown latitude.

Then the memory would turn into reality;

The feeling would spring out from our depths;

The poem would ring loud and clear.

Goodbye- you said- was redundant.

I believed you for the fool i was.

Maybe the latitude and time are non existent.

Maybe your words were mere words.

But all i know, for now,

I remember you in the horizon;

I don’t need your promise.

A goodbye is a goodbye-

full and final.

The next we meet;

If we meet;

We meet as strangers.

The boat we float on,

you forget, is time.

And we are both its victims.

So goodbye my friend.

It was good knowing you.


4 thoughts on “Time

  1. Time plays the trick on many people. Your words are gems , took me back in time, to some unknown horizon, to a different person who once made me believe that there will never be a goodbye. And the beauty in letting people go is the wounds that they create which I would like to call art on your body, like a tattoo. The wounds never heal, but hide it under scars ready to bleed again just at that song or a word that could fill me with nostalgia. It is the lyric to every song , the lines to every poem that can make me tear …. The fool I was, I believed that I found myself, and a window to a whole new world. But before I lived it, the world that was created destroyed itself I front of me. Not only did it destroy itself , but took half my life away from me, leaving the other half to rot to eternity to the very nostalgia that fills me in all the time. ………

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