Coffee and crepe…

The other day, I was having breakfast in a coffee shop- enjoying the crepe, coffee and musing over why conversations over coffee/tea are more popular than conversations over milk/coke- when an old couple, in their 70s I would guess, came and sat in the table next to me. They were very cute– both white haired, the man in jeans and a bob marley tee and the woman in khaki pants and a loose kurta. They ordered a sumptuous breakfast and started a conversation which took me by surprise. Without going into much details, I would say that it was a walk down memory lane. How he fell in love with her the day she bet him at the game of scrabble; how she was in awe of him when he got her bed tea the day after their marriage; how they held their son for the first time in their hands and the baby smiled; how he tried to woo her by gifting her a cauliflower after their fight and so on. The conversation ended with him reaching out for her hand and him saying– Woman I am so lucky I got the opportunity to bug you my whole life and at that moment she smiled like a newly-wed bride. That is the most beautiful thing I saw in a very long time. They left shortly after and I realized my coffee had gone cold and my crepe had become tasteless.  blog


4 thoughts on “Coffee and crepe…

  1. Hello Radhika,
    This is how genuine love takes it call. I’m sure, by this, you’ve had the best memory of a coffee shop, ever.
    The conversation between the love duo made me feel like the replay of some romantic Bollywood movie. Everything so original.
    You’ve given me something to reflect upon 🙂
    And yes, there’s something peculiar with coffee. Maybe it boosts moods and pumps adrenaline. Reminds of the famous tagine, “A lot can happen over coffee”

    1. Indeed Maryam. I had always felt that incidences such as these take place in the romantic novels that I read. But having witnessed one first hand really made my day. There is still some hope for eternal love in this world 🙂

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