Paper doll

Paper doll

Hey there paper doll,
Yes you-
The one on the wooden shelf;
The one with the distant look;
The one who dreams of faraway lands;
You fragile, delicate creature;
You who took my breath away;
You– my beloved, beloved doll.

I speak to you of a possibility—
It will not be the first time
That the lion fell for the lamb.
History is my witness my doll;
“The wind and the doll”- they will say with a smirk;
They will laugh at us;
Call us names.
But care we will not.

I will carry you as light as a feather
Away from your shelf;
To the lands that you dreamt of.
As high as the heavens.
From the mighty mountains of the north;
To the never-ending seas of the south.
From the city with the glaring lights;
To the farm kissing the rolling meadows.
I will show it all.
Put you high up in a pedestal I will.
Place a crown upon you I would.
I will tell you of sages and poets of the old;
I will love you with all my might;
Believe me my doll I will.

But my doll,
One day I will stop blowing—as is my destiny;
And that day you will fall from great heights.
Now my doll—cry not.
Shed away the tears of sorrow my sweet.
There will come a day
When one of your kind will join you on your shelf.
That day you will speak;
You will dream;
And you will love.
Doll, believe me you will.

That day your shelf will become all those magical places;
That day them postcards—bearing pictures from the far
Will cease affecting you.
That day you will find a home
And a reason to live.
And I my doll- will blow quietly outside your window.
Not howling;
Not laughing;
Not speaking;
Just seeing.

I will live with the idea of the possibility.
And when you feel that familiar ache for adventure,
I will caress you and sooth your nerves.
I will be there always;
Unnoticed but necessary.

Curse me not paper doll for being oblivious to you;
Know always that I saved you from me.
After all my doll
All my adventures have cost me.
And the biggest price I have had to pay-
Was you.


One thought on “Paper doll

  1. After reading this I have stood up on my study desk and I quote myself “oh captain my captain” I guess this sums it all plz you tube dead poets society u will understand this context 🙂

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