Late night swim– relaxing or not?

I wish i could say that a late night swim is relaxing…but i will say something quite on the contrary. When i was doing my laps, a man deliberately kept coming in my way (he did it 5 times and yes i counted). When i would stop and look at him, he would give me a sheepish smile and would keep standing there, not bothering to move his huge self. Meanwhile, his wife, who was waiting for him on one of those pool chairs, kept smiling at him although she saw exactly what was happening.

What did I do? On his sixth attempt to interrupt me, he got a real bad kick on his face. I drew blood and call me a sadist, but I have never been so proud of myself before. What surprised me the most about that incident was the wife’s behaviour. I wanted to hold her by the shoulders, shake her and ask her why she kept numb when she could see her man behaving like an animal right in front of her.

We as women blame rape, harassment, molestation completely on the man but what we forget is that the man was raised by a woman. If mothers don’t teach their sons how to treat a fellow female, if wives don’t stop their husbands from treating another woman as a piece of meat, who will?

This is my humble request to all women reading this- SPEAK UP…your silence is capable of causing havoc in another woman’s life. You, like your male counterparts, have a choice. For God’s sake and for your own-exercise it. You are no different from men- you have the same 2 legs, 2 hands, a mouth, a voice and a brain to think- so please use it or else it will rot.

One more thing. If anyone asks me what I was wearing in the pool because, they think, it could be a probable cause for the man’s behaviour- I am well capable of punching you to death.

eve teasing


One thought on “Late night swim– relaxing or not?

  1. Cowards live amongst us!! And those women who suppress it within themselves fearing the society, the scene , the moment will haunt you over and over again, molest you and even rape you through the years, unless you choose to let the pain voice it.

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