mid week gibberish

Go fishing with no knowledge of where
the fish and the hook should be.
Go bungee jumping with fear of height
in your heart.
Mix irish cream with black coffee
and drink it as a shot.
Wear polka dots to a cocktail party.
Listen to the radio and sing along loud
even though you can hardly get any note right.
Fall in love with some random stranger on the street
just because his eyes are like a dream.
Pack your bag on a Monday morning
and leave town for the whole week.
Switch off your phone
and speak to the person sitting beside you on the train.
Go to a circus and eat cotton candy
just because it is the thing to do.
Hug the lady who sits on the street
with her dog and bag as company.
You never know that might be the only hug
she has got in a very long time.
Call up those who really matter
and spend ages talking to them about absolute nothing;
because sometime nothing is everything.
Don’t be afraid to talk non sense;
it sometimes makes sense.
Smile freely,
Laugh loudly,
Cry passionately,
Love effortlessly,
Live like there is no tomorrow.


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